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Why Become a Facilitator?

When school districts choose to send staff to attend a facilitator institute, the school district gains in-house experts who can provide teachers with ongoing support and who can run the course whenever the need arises. 

All facilitators are included in our facilitator directory, and have the option to teach the course at any district in Michigan. 

Facilitator Requirements and Institute Information

With funding and support from the Michigan Integrated Mathematics Initiative (Mi)2, all facilitators will participate in a four-day institute to learn about and prepare to implement the course, Enhancing Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties: Algebraic Expressions and Equations. Facilitators will attend one institute with their partner.

Course Facilitator

The course is designed to be taught by a pair of facilitators, one with expertise in mathematics and the other with expertise in special education.

Educators in the following roles are encouraged to apply: staff developer, math coach, math specialist, math coordinator, special education leader, inclusion facilitator, instructional support specialist, or teacher leaders.

Facilitators with day-to-day classroom responsibilities will need release time from their classroom duties in order to prepare for and facilitate the three sessions of the course.

Facilitator Qualifications


  • Experienced in providing professional development to teachers in one or more of the following ways: presenting workshops/courses, coaching, mentoring, or facilitating study groups
  • Minimum of five years classroom teaching experience
  • A leadership role in the school/district


  • Enthusiastic about the main goals of the course: improving math teaching and learning for students with disabilities, and strengthening collaboration between general and special educators
  • Strong communication skills
  • Collegial and able to relate well with multiple groups in the district
  • Respected by peers and administration

Facilitator Requirements

  • Attend the full 4-day Facilitator Institute with their partner
  • Teach the full course within the current or subsequent school year
  • Participate in research activities, including a pre- and post-course survey, and online post-session logs
  • Conduct a minimum of three follow-up contacts with participants to support implementation of new practices