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Course Overview

Foundations of Math: Teaching Students With Significant Disabilities is a research-based, five-day training course for educators of students with significant disabilities in grades K-12.

This course is designed to develop instructors' knowledge of the mathematics they teach by seeing mathematics through the lens of a well-delineated number sense. Instructors will also look at research and instructional methods for teaching students with significant disabilities, including those with moderate and significant cognitive disabilities and complex communication needs.

Foundations of Math: Teaching Students With Significant Disabilities was developed by Dr. Chris Cain in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Instruction, Exceptional Children's Division. Dr. Cain is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about students with special needs and those who work with them. Dr. Cain presents a way of understanding and teaching mathematics to students with significant disabilities that will challenge and enhance teachers' current thinking about mathematics education for every student.

Registration is now open. Register for the Teaching Students With Significant Disabilities course. The registration deadline is July 19, 2018.

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