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MathType, MathFlow, MathPlayer, MathDaisy

Increasing math skills achievement for all students with universally designed math content

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Increase comprehension and vocabulary development through integration of visual and text information.

Virtual Manipulatives

Increasing math achievement for all students through the use of virtual manipulatives.

Professional Learning Courses

Delta Math RTI Program: Implementation Team Training

Provide schools with tools and recommendations for providing a multi-tiered system of supports for mathematics.  (Essential components include identifying students who may not be ready to learn grade-level standards, provide standard-based tier 2 interventions, and frequently measure and monitor student progress throughout each tier 2 intervention cycle.)

Transition to Algebra (TTA)

Classroom resource that approaches algebra instruction differently, through puzzles, exploration, and algebraic habits of mind, to help students struggling with algebra.

Spatial Temporal Math (ST Math)

Improve math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning

Curriculum Supplements

Singapore Math

Students achieve mastery in a focused set of mathematical skills and concepts using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.

Student Tools

Enhancing Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties

Make math instruction more accessible for a range of learners to improve student learning and foster collaboration between general and special education math teachers.

North Carolina Foundations of Mathematics Training

Develop the mathematical knowledge of special educators and their general education colleagues who work with low-performing students, with a focus on a model for number sense, designed to develop teachers’ mathematical content knowledge and ability to deliver a coherent mathematical message through instruction.

Math for All

Enhance preparation of K-5 teachers to help all students, including those with disabilities, achieve standards-based learning outcomes in mathematics.

Math Recovery Intervention Specialist

The overarching objective for Math Recovery® is to provide a robust intervention Framework for teachers working with elementary students to help in the construction of numeracy skills, through assessment, which incorporates a strong analysis component and individualized teaching.


Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Professional development program gives teachers a detailed understanding of how children develop early numeracy via the Learning Framework for Early Number. This program provides teachers with efficient and effective assessment tools to recognize their students’ current understandings of number concepts, and to support data-driven instruction.

Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra

Help teachers support their students to make, represent, and justify generalizations about the behavior of the operations.