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Supporting Research

  • Type: factor analysis, reliability analysis, analysis of co-variance to test for statistical significance
    Data Sources:  pre/post program surveys and interviews; notes/audio/video of course-related activities; artifacts; work samples; session logs; records of online activity
    Findings: Analysis shows significant increases in teacher preparedness and comfort with understanding students strengths and difficulties, understanding math, choosing /using instructional strategies, collaborative lesson planning and frequency with which teachers engaged in instructional practices related to teaching math to students with disabilities.  Analysis also showed a shift from teachers using declarative statements (e.g., “This student has weak number concepts”) to interrogative statements (e.g., “I wonder if the child has some difficulties with…”) and references to the neuro-developmental framework.

Structure: Five day-long sessions, implemented over time during the school year, with 30 hours class time, 10 hours of workshop-related assignments carried out in participant classrooms, and 10 hours of follow-up meetings.  Teams of general and special educators attend together.

Learning Activities: Use math content from and observe a video case lesson, analyze learning demands, analyze teaching practices and instructional strategies that build on individual student strengths and difficulties, plan collaboratively, and adapt lessons.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Analyze the demands of math activities
  • Assess student strengths and needs using neuro-developmental theory of learning
  • Enact teaching practices and instructional strategies based on student strengths and needs
  • Collaboratively plan accessible math lessons

Authors: Babette Moeller, Barbara Dubitsky, Marvin Cohen, Karen Marschke-Tobier, Hal Melnick, Linda Metnetsky, with Andrea Brothman, Randi Cecchine Publisher:A joint publication with Corwin, Bank Street College of Education, and Education Development Center

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