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Supporting Research

  • Type: treatment group and 2 comparison groups

    Data Sources:  pre/post results on the Content Knowledge Scales for Teaching Elementary Numbers and Operations (CKTM) forms A and C.

    Findings: Both special and general education teachers made significant gains in their knowledge of the mathematics they teach through the lens of a well-delineated number sense.  There is no evidence of a difference between special and general education teachers with regard to pre-intervention content knowledge.  

Structure: The professional development is a five day training designed to be provided over the course of two to three months and can be implemented during the school year or over the summer months.

Learning Activities: The workshop is lecture-based, with opportunity for participant discussion. Mathematical activities and explorations were also built in to the format. While participants are responsible for readings on their own, most activities and assignments are group work.

Learning Outcomes:

·         Increase teacher knowledge about mathematics in general, and number sense specifically

Teachers move away from procedural lessons and learn how to emphasize discussions that develop number sense in their students


C. Cain, M. Doggett, V. Faulkner, C. Hale, Published by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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