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Supporting Research

  • Type: Matched-comparison, quasi-experimental design that compared outcomes for grades that were provided with ST Math with outcomes for matched grades that were not provided with ST Math.  Outcomes were compared separately for each grade level using analysis of covariance to account for differences in school characteristics.

    Findings*: Students provided with the ST Math program had significantly higher mean mathematics scale scores on the state standardized test compared to those who were not provided with the program, and significantly more students scoring at the advanced and proficient levels on those tests.

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Structure:  ST Math is game-based, instructional software for K-12 students designed to boost math comprehension through visual learning and by removing language barriers to learning.  ST Math can be integrated into classroom instruction, or used in a computer lab or at home. (watch the creator’s TEDx talk, Teaching Without Words)

Learning Activities:

ST Math software games follow JiJi, a penguin, who students must help pass obstacles by solving spatial math puzzles that demonstrate, and require use of, math skills and concepts from pre-K to Algebra 1.

Symbolic representations and math vocabulary are introduced through scaffolded, spatial-temporal math lessons creating strong connections between symbols, language, and visual representations.  Teacher resources are provided to assist teachers in incorporating ST Math into regular classroom instruction so that math language is reinforced alongside visual representations.

Students may transfer new understanding to traditional word problems in post-quizzes.

Learning Outcomes: improved mathematics outcomes, deeper mathematical understanding


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