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Course Overview

The Delta Math Response to Intervention (RtI) Program is a research-informed set of tools developed by the Ottawa Area ISD to help schools implement a multi-tiered system of supports in mathematics from kindergarten through Algebra 1. 

Grade-level tools include

  • Online screeners and reports help identify all students who may not be ready to learn current grade level content standards. 
  • Intervention lessons are currently in development to provide instruction and practice for each grade-level readiness standard. 
  • Paper-based Quick Checks and Growth Charts measure and monitor student progress during standard-based tier 2 interventions.  

Implementation Supports

The following types of sessions may be scheduled in your region

  • Information: Half-day session to provide program awareness for district and building RtI leaders.
  • Implementation training: Half-day session to support the installation and initial implementation of Delta Math resources.
  • Follow-up training: Half-day session to explore local data and reflect on initial implementation experiences. 

Learn More

Visit the Delta Math website at: