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Course Overview

Enhancing Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Difficulties: Algebraic Expressions and Equations is a course designed for teams of teachers who are teaching grade 4 through Algebra 1.

Math teachers and special educators will deepen their understanding of the kinds of difficulties students have with mathematics, with a focus on content related to expressions and equations. The course will provide an approach and strategies to support the math learning of struggling students, particularly those with learning disabilities. Course participants will also focus on ways to strengthen collaboration between math teachers and special educators.

Teachers will explore multiple approaches to math problems, view classroom videos, examine student work, engage in discussions, and plan accessibility strategies. By providing practical suggestions and Accessibility Planning Tools, the course will enable teachers to apply strategies in their own classrooms with their students and mathematics curricula.

Course Goals

Math Content

  • Learn a process for analyzing and identifying potential barriers for students with disabilities
  • Deepen understanding of key math topics in the Algebraic Thinking and Expressions for Equations strand
  • Explore different approaches to solving math problems in this strand


  • Learn about the kinds of difficulties students with learning disabilities have in math
  • Use different methods to gather information about students’ strengths and difficulties in mathematics
  • Apply ideas with your students


  • Explore a variety of accessibility strategies for math
  • Learn a process for aligning strategies with the students’ needs and the math goals
  • Plan and implement strategies for your math lessons and students
  • Share and reflect on the strategies with colleagues


  • Learn different ways that math teachers and special educators can collaborate to teach and support students in math
  • Use a collaborative process to examine student work and to plan accessible math lessons and assessments
  • Share expertise with colleagues and strengthen collaboration in your school and district