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Event Overview

Mathematics: Reaching All Learners Together (previously titled Making Mathematics Meaningful Through Collaboration) is a one-day annual conference presented by the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC) (opens in new window) and the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) (opens in new window) in conjunction with Alt+Shift, encompassing Michigan's Integrated Mathematics Initiative (Mi)2.

Mathematics: Reaching All Learners Together addresses questions such as:

  • What instructional strategies do you use to address the wide range of learners in one classroom?
  • How do you meet the needs of students with disabilities in special and general education settings?
  • How do you communicate the needs of students to other colleagues who share in the education of those students?
  • What are your tips for successful co-teaching?
  • How do you support collaboration through school structures?

The conference brings together math educators—including general and special education teachers, interventionists, coaches, administrators, consultants, and support staff—for one day of learning and sharing.